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Tips and Resources From NAMI During These Difficult Times

NAMI HelpLine Information and Resources is a guide available to anyone who might be struggling or have questions about managing a mental health condition. You’ll find information that answer any of the following:

  • I’m having a lot of anxiety because of the coronavirus. Please help.

  • I’m quarantined or working from home – lonely and isolated even further – what can I do?

  • I don’t have health insurance or a regular doctor – how can I get care?

  • What if I’m quarantined and can’t get my medication? Will there be a shortage?

  • My business is suffering as a result of the Coronavirus. What assistance programs are available to help?

  • Are people who have a mental illness at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19?

  • Is there a vaccine or cure for COVID-19?

  • I lost a loved one to Coronavirus. Where can I find support?

  • I’m a smoker. Am I more likely to catch COVID-19? What should I do?

  • How does homelessness increase risk of contracting COVID-19?

  • My loved one is incarcerated, are they at increased risk for exposure to COVID-19?

  • I’m the aging parent of an adult/child living with a serious mental illness. I want to be sure they are taken care of.

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