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Senior Services

The following are services and support groups for senior citizens and their families in and around Sonoma County.

Action Network
510-926-9230 or 707-367-6433
Provides weekly check-in calls for isolated seniors and adults (in English or Spanish).

Catholic Charities “I’m Home Alone” Program
710-528-8712, ext. 185
Provides daily, brief, weekday telephone calls for people who live alone and are elderly, housebound, disabled or at-risk. Available to all persons living in Sonoma County. If you wish to register a relative, friend, patient or yourself for this service, call to obtain a confidential registration form.



Council on Aging
707-525-0143 | |

Provides 16 different programs across four departments (social services, financial services, legal and nutritional services) for seniors 60+.

  • Resource Specialist: offers personalized assistance to identify a wide range of services for older adults and their families/caregivers.
    Contact Alex Kennett (707) 523-0143 ext.102 or
  • Senior Peer Support: A twelve-week program for adults ages 60+ that matches peer volunteers for home visits with older adults facing challenges such as depression, isolation, and caregiver stress.
    Contact Renee Tolliver (707) 525-0143 ext.124 or
  • Home Delivered Meals: Clients receive a weekly delivery with multiple meals. The senior must call by 10AM the day before pick up for a meal pack.
    Call (707) 525-0143 ext.103 to register.

Covia Community Services

2185 N. California Blvd, Suite 215
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(877) 797-7299

Covia’s Community Services programs provide support and connection for seniors around the country.

  • Well Connected: Phone and online based groups, programs, and activities for free to seniors throughout the United States. Examples include: Armchair Travel, Museums at Home, Health & Wellness. Also available in Spanish.
  • Social Call: Volunteers are matched with seniors on a one-to-one basis, bringing compassionate conversation and care into their lives. 

To register, please call (877) 797-7299, email, or visit the online application.

Institute on Aging Friendship Line 

This is a 24-hour toll-free hotline for ages 60+ and adults living with disabilities. Can arrange on-going outreach calls to lonely older adults. Calls are limited to 1 ten-minute call a day. 

Call (800) 971-0016.

Petaluma People Services Center

1500A Petaluma Blvd S
Petaluma, CA 94952
(707) 765-8488

PPSC provides adult day care, case management, Senior Café, Meals on Wheels, Lifelong learning, transportation, senior counseling services, Fall Proof!, and housing options. 

  • Not Alone: Seniors are matched with volunteers, who contact them with daily phone calls that last 15-30 minutes.
    To register, call (707) 765-8488 or email

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