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Our Staff Members and Volunteers

Julia Barragan –
NAMI Youth Mental Health Program Coordinator
I graduated from Sonoma State with my B.A. in Liberal Studies and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. I’ve worked at NAMI for one year and am involved with NAMI because I am passionate about helping people access adequate mental health resources.
Susan Dunn –
NAMI Education & Support Services Manager
With more than 25 years of developing resiliency through Sonoma County nonprofits, I joined NAMI in 2018. I have an M.A. in psychology from Sonoma State University, and am a Mind-Body Medicine Facilitator. Every day I see the positive difference NAMI makes in the lives of individuals and families, and it is an honor to serve our community.
Nicholas Fierro –
NAMI Project Specialist
I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis and have been with NAMI since 2018, when I started as a volunteer. I joined because I wanted to help people in my community access mental health care and advocate for people living with mental illness, as well as their families.
Jason Gallock –
NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group Facilitator
Jason leads two Connection support groups every Thursday.
Jim Glover –
NAMI Warmline Specialist
I worked as a psychiatrist from 1973 to 2016. Most of my time working was spent with county mental health services, including fifteen years in a small inpatient facility. I’ve worked with NAMI for three years on the Warmline and more recently, the Family Support Group.
Debra Iervolino –
NAMI Warmline Specialist
I am a wife of 34 years and mother of four. After years of challenging situations, taking a Family to Family class in 2012 was very instrumental in helping my husband and I to support our eldest son who was finally diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Our ohana will always be grateful to NAMI Sonoma County for the knowledge, wisdom and understanding imparted to us.
Jane Jackson –
Volunteer Office Assistant
Fifteen years ago, I came to NAMI as a volunteer, after experiencing symptoms of mental illness. I wanted to help people who have been through the same things I had: hospitalization, medications and seeing a psychiatrist. In my spare time I like to study nutrition, go hiking and read books. My favorite expression: “Do little things with great love.”
Gregg Jann –
NAMI In Our Own Voice Presenter
I’ve been presenting In Our Own Voice since 2011. At NAMI I can expand on my mental health work; In Our Own Voice gives me the opportunity connect with audiences as a teacher. I also publish books and blogs on political science and mental health topics. I love being associated with NAMI!
Megan McDaniel –
NAMI Warmline Coordinator
I joined NAMI in 2018 because I wanted to give back to the mental health community in a meaningful way. In 2019, I earned my B.A. in Psychology from UC Berkeley. It has been a privilege to be involved with NAMI and to watch how our support and educational services positively impact those affected by a mental health condition.
Kelsey O’Brien –
NAMI Warmline Specialist
I have admired the work NAMI has been doing for years and began volunteering to help others and educate on mental health. I graduated from Sonoma State in Spring 2020 with my degree in Psychology and began working as a counselor in a crisis residential unit. Through this and my experience as a foster parent I have seen first hand the benefits of quality mental health care and hope to extend support to people in need and to further end the stigma surrounding mental health needs.
Maricruz Oviedo –
NAMI Warmline Specialist
I am a first-generation college student at Sonoma State University with a double major in Spanish and Human Development, approaching graduation in Spring 2021. I joined NAMI because I aspire to support multilingual communities helping them to access mental health resources and by providing information for themselves and their loved ones.
Mary-Frances Walsh –
NAMI Sonoma County Executive Director
I came to NAMI with the experience of having lost my father to suicide as a young adult. Years later, I came to NAMI Sonoma County with a graduate degree in public health and past professional experience in hospital administration in New York City and Chicago. To me, mental illness is a family affair. Seeking help early, when hope for recovery is best, requires awareness, education, information and support. These drive my commitment to NAMI’s programs and to the community we serve.

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