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Where to find help with a mental challenge:

Very few families know where to turn for help without seeking guidance. The journey can be frustrating. But NAMI members know that recovery and stability should be expected for most people, even though recovery looks very different for each person depending on the severity of their symptoms.

If you or your family is struggling to find answers, reach out to NAMI. We know what the experience is like. We can provide knowledge and support. You do not need to face the journey alone. We have been there.

Contact the NAMI Sonoma County Warmline:

Call or text 866-960-6264


Don’t face the journey alone: 

For NAMI Members, access the NAMI Sonoma County Library:

Our library, open to NAMI members, offers materials on many aspects of mental health and mental illness. NAMI members may check out books for one month for free. For more information, call us at 866-960-6265, or stop by our office, 10AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday. 


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