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Peer Support Services

Due to COVID-19, some of these groups’ and organizations’ hours may have changed temporarily. Please call them ahead to confirm time and date.

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Peer-Run Self-Help Centers 

The Wellness and Advocacy Center
2245 Challenger Way #104, Santa Rosa
(707) 565-7800

Due to COVID-19, in-person services are limited, but virtual support groups are available. Check the website for more information.

The Wellness and Advocacy Center is a client-run drop-in center that provides a variety of services for all behavioral health consumers, including a career center, computer lab, job counseling, workshops, education forums, art, a community garden, and self-help groups. Membership is free and ongoing to the Wellness and Advocacy Center. A sign-up process is brief but required. Staff work with each person one on one and let potential members visit. Services include a Warmline, showers, and laundry.

Many support groups and online events for members are currently available online by Zoom. Visit the website to learn more or view the schedule.

Petaluma Peer Recovery Center
5350 Old Redwood Hwy. #600, Petaluma
(707) 565-1270

Due to COVID-19, temporarily closed to drop-in support. Available by phone only.

Offers peer support and various activities throughout the day, including one-on-one support, creativity and craft events, help with resource navigation, and other support groups. Members and staff at PPRC have experienced mental health challenges, and the PPRC community is dedicated to supporting one another through wellness, compassion, creativity, and humor.

Interlink Self-Help Center
1033 Fourth St., Santa Rosa
(707) 546-4481

Due to COVID-19, closed to walk-in services. Please visit the website or call the office.

Offers a safe environment for those facing mental health challenges to improve their quality of life through self-help, mutual support, and empowerment. Interlink is free and open to those ages 18+. As a peer-managed and operated program, it offers programs and services by individuals with lived experience facing their own mental health challenges. Join Intro to Peer Support to explore the world of mental health recovery and learn how your recovery journey can be of help to others. Services include:

  • Intro to Peer Support
  • SMART Recovery & SMART Recovery Toolbox
  • Mindful Self-Compassion
  • Let’s Go!
  • Funspiration

To join these groups and learn more, visit the Interlink website or call the office.

Russian River Empowerment Center
9925 Main Street, Monte Rio (new location)
(707) 823-1640

Due to COVID-19, temporarily closed to in-person services.

The Empowerment Center in Monte Rio serves the Lower Russian River as a safe place for people chronically challenged by behavioral health issues to work on their recovery. The Empowerment Center is currently closed due to COVID however online services are being offered through Zoom and Facebook. Also offering support and resource information on our warmline.

For more information call (707) 823-1640 x 207 or visit us on Facebook.

Peer-Run Warmline and Hotlines

Mental Health Association of San Francisco 

The Peer-Run Warm Line is a non-emergency resource for anyone in the Bay Area seeking emotional support. We provide assistance via phone and web chat on a nondiscriminatory basis to anyone in need. Some concerns callers share are challenges with interpersonal relationships, anxiety, panic, depression, finance, and alcohol and drug use.

Volunteers with personal lived experience of mental health challenges answer calls and instant messages, provide information on local resources, share their lived experience, and offer a warm, nonjudgmental, responsive human connection to people with a variety of needs and from all walks of life across Northern California. Serving Sonoma County, as well as the rest of California as of October 2019.

Call 1-855-845-7415.

Community Support Groups

Hearing Voices Network USA

From the Hearing Voices Network USA, this group is for individuals that hear voices and have other sensory experiences, including tactile, olfactory, and visual experiences. This is a judgment-free group that offers mutual support and friendship. 

During COVID-19, the Bay Area Hearing Voices Network is hosting online support group meetings for adults, family members, and transitional age youth (TAY, age 18-24). To learn more about the groups and sign up online, visit

Senior Peer Counseling Services in Sonoma County

Please visit our For Seniors page for more senior resources.

Council on Aging
Senior peer counseling
(707) 525-0143 X 125

Family Service Agency
Senior peer counseling
(707) 545-4551 x 308

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