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Peer and Family Support Network

Peer & Family Support Network

If you or someone one you love are experiencing a mental health challenge you are not alone. If you are looking for resources, support, or just a listening ear, reach out to one of our trained Warmline Allies Monday-Friday between 9AM-5PM. We are here to help and support all of those affected by mental illness. Please give us a call at (866) 960-6264.

NAMI is also in partnership with Sonoma County Behavioral Health. We work together in support families and individuals experiencing mental health challenges. Families and individuals are connected to NAMI Sonoma County by referrals from:

  • Mobile Support Team (MST): MST’s services are solicited at the responding law enforcement. Once the scene is deemed secure a minimum of two MST staff provide mental health and substance use disorder interventions to individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis.
  • Crisis, Assessment, Prevention, and Education (CAPE): This team provides prevention and early intervention strategy for youth ages, 16 to 25, who are at risk of or are experiencing first onset of serious psychiatric illness and its multiple issues and risk factors.
  • Transitional Age Youth Program (TAY): The program serves youth adults, age 18-26, who is in need of mental health services and housing. They purpose of the TAY Program is to support young adults with mental illness in assuming full responsibilities and rights of adulthood.
  • Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU): This 24-hour facility provides supportive care to adults, children, and families experiencing a mental health crisis. (800) 746-8181

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