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About NAMI Sonoma County

Advocacy & Membership at Three Levels
NAMI is America’s largest grassroots advocacy organization and is membership-governed at all three of its levels. NAMI members are automatically members at all three levels. Our members, support group leaders and educational program teachers are people with lived experience who have chosen to share their gained wisdom and compassion with others in similar shoes, so that no one need feel alone on the journey toward recovery. At the national level, NAMI develops and updates our Signature education and support programs, advocates at the federal policy level and pursues national public information campaigns to combat sigma and create and environment in which people feel more comfortable reaching out for help. At the state level, NAMI California develops state policy initiatives and efforts with large health systems and other community systems to ensure that individuals and families affected by mental illness have access to effective treatments and support services. NAMI California also provides technical assistance and training to NAMI affiliates.

NAMI Sonoma At the affiliate level, NAMI Sonoma County delivers NAMI’s signature education and support programs  to residents of Sonoma County. We partner with the County’s Behavioral Health system, local law enforcement agencies and local health care systems to raise awareness and build understanding of mental illness. You’ll find us at tabling at community events, such as health fairs, to provide table displays on our programs and resources.

Our Mission
The mission of NAMI Sonoma County is to provide education, support and advocacy for families and individuals in our communities who are affected by the challenges of living with mental illness.

Our Vision

By collaborating with community partners, we work to: increase community awareness and understanding of the challenges of living with mental health; provide supportive services and educational programs for those in our community affected by mental illness; and dispel the stigma that keeps individuals and families from seeking help for mental health conditions. We strive to make a positive impact on local systems of mental health care and to offer hope to families and individuals living with mental illness.

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